1. “Never Again” w The Guardian

    15 Jun 2017
    I’m really happy (and suprised, thank’s a lot to Magda Chodownik!) that our story #NeverAgain was published by The Guardian as“Doubel vision - dark times for the Rohingya echo past horros”.

  2. Wystawa Unregistered, Rzeszów

    30 May 2017
    After two, maybe three years since the fisrt idea, Rohingyas exhibiton went to Rzeszów. You can see first part of long-term project about Rohingyas, settled in unregistered refugee camp in Banglades. Additionaly you can watch few minutes statement of Abul Basar from Kutupalong refugee camp Exhibition closing date: 15.06.2017. For…

  3. “Never Again” na Wachlarz 2017

    19 May 2017
    Works of Magdalena Chodownik and Marcin Zaborowski consists of the series of photographies / reflections on the biggest history conflicts.  Photographers using the double exposure on the one hand recall the events of the past, the world screaming “Never again,” and on the other - they relate to current events…

  4. Arek Rataj w Kolektywie Reporteskim

    28 Apr 2017
    I’m really proud to announce, that Arek Rataj has joined to our Collective Report! He is very talented young photographer, who mainly focus on “street life”. But in fact his photogtaphies shows unposed situations with great play of light. Welcome on board!

  5. IPOTY 2017 - wyróżnienie

    14 Feb 2017
    I’m really happy to inform that my latest work about Rohingya refugees has been honorbale mentioned in International Photographer of the Year - IPOTY 2016! This time award for the series about Rohingyas in “Editorial: Documentary”.  You can check my work here Congratulations to all winners and honorable mentioned photographers! …

  6. Spotkanie fotografów NG

    24 Jan 2017
    25th edition of WOŚP with National Geographic Polska photographers! Thank’s to Marek and Magda Arcimowicz, Maciej Biernacki, Paweł Młodkowski, Adam Brzoza and Marcin Jamkowski. And for the all people who came to “Samotnia”!

  7. Unregistered na Angkor Festiwal,Kambodża

    28 Nov 2016
    I’m really proud to inform that my story about Rohingya refugee (Bangladesh, 2013) was selected to projections of 12th edition of Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops in Siem Reap, Cambodia. You can see more photographies in gallery of National Geographic Polska.

  8. IPA 2016 - wyróżnienie

    20 Oct 2016
    I’m really happy that my photography has been honorable mentioned in International Photography Awards (IPA) in Los Angeles in category “abstract” / professional.

  9. Unregistered - wystawa w Krakowie

    08 Sep 2016
    I’m pleased to inform, that my work of Rohingya refugee will be exhibited at the ceremony of the Prize of Sérgio Vieira de Mello, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (2002-2003) The Polish Prize of Sérgio Vieira de Mello is awarded to to individuals and non-governmental organizations for their…

  10. Team fotografów NG

    24 Aug 2016
     National Geographic Polska writes about successes of their photographers! Congratulations to Paweł Młodkowski (honorable mentioned in Moscow International Foto Awards - MIFA 2016), Mikołaj Nowacki (published story and interview about protecting wildlife of the Odra River) and me, for honorable mention in Moscow International Foto Awards - MIFA 2016. Congrats…

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