"Red in the land" (2018 - present)

"Red in the land" (working title) is a photographic project, in which the author, comparing post Soviet monuments with the memories of residents, tries to show that it is impossible to erase history by destroying its physical presence. Author traverses the so-called belt "Regained Territories", is looking above all for interesting narratives connected with the monument, which are de facto memories revealing the relations of the inhabitants to the monument as a block, place, war, years of communism, the former USSR but also present and current events.

"A monument is a sculptural or architectural and sculptural work erected to commemorate a person or a historical event, in the form of a statue or group of sculptures, columns, obelisks, buildings, sometimes artificially raised hills (mound) or a natural boulder;" (Dictionary of the Polish language PWN)

"Gratitude is a feeling that is a reaction to the well-being experienced from someone, the feeling of moral obligations flowing from it, a willingness to reciprocate". (Dictionary of the Polish language PWN)

Following the above definitions, the author decides to focus mainly on the so-called "monuments of gratitude" of the Red Army, adding to the project new threads of appropriation of space against the will of the people, zakłamywania historical reality or extreme changes in people's attitude towards the monuments,  through a symbolic change of their destiny.

The project is implemented as part of a mentoring program of Sputnik Photos, with the support of Canon Polska.

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