“Never Again” na Wachlarz 2017

Works of Magdalena Chodownik and Marcin Zaborowski consists of the series of photographies / reflections on the biggest history conflicts.  Photographers using the double exposure on the one hand recall the events of the past, the world screaming “Never again,” and on the other - they relate to current events of a similar character, which once again take place, though they were not to repeat themselves … never more.

”- Double exposures are two overlapping images that together form another dimension of the subject. The pictures are in spite of the different places and history behind them. After their combination, it turns out that physically distant events actually have a lot in common. This modern form also leaves plenty of room for imagination for both the viewer and the author.: - says photographer Marcin Zaborowski.

And so Zaborowski’s photographies describe the tragic events in Burma and the pogroms of the Burmese Muslims, while the works by Magdalena Chodownik call up historical events.

”- Our double exposure form allows you to place individual frames in a wider context. By “broader” I mean temporal, historical as well as territorial. Conflicts, wars, the search for shelter are unhappiness, which in history is repeated systematically. The reference to current events to those of the past shows the sad truth about the fact that little has been learned from these experiences” - says Magda Chodownik.

The exhibition “Never Again” is supposed to spark reflections on past conflicts in the context of current events that the world continues to allow.

Works will be available at the exhibition during the Wachlarz Festival in Wroclaw.

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