Pamięć Miasta

In memory of Gosia (1974 - 2013)  

“Memory of the city” is a social initiative that leans over the theme of memory recorded in the urban space. The main characters of the project are the oldest inhabitants (but not only elderly people) of Szczecin’s tenement at. Kopernika Street 11/12, my neighbors.

As other citizens and pioneers of Szczecin, they are priceless memory carrier and source of information about our city and stories lost in time.

We’d like to embody human memories in the form of photographic portraits. By entering the personal stories of the heroes in space and collective memory of the city.

Exhibition, will be arranged in the backyard of old tenement (A.D. 1896). Come and watch the stories lost in time. 29th of November at M. Kopernika 11/12, Szczecin, 14:00. 

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