OLO - krótka historyjka

Aleksander Doba, at 67 years old completes the longest open-water kayaking expedition across the Atlantic in history. For this, he won 2015 People’s Choice Adventurer of the Year, prestigious award of The National Geographic.

On the other side of this story is OLO, the 7 meter long kayak and friend in the same time. OLO is not owned by Aleksander Doba. This unit belongs to Andrzej Armiński, who lent the traveler kayak on two previous travels. Unfortunately, the owner needs to sell kayak. Olek takes precedence redemption. The cost is about 75.000PLN. - Unfortunately, I can not afford - says National Geographic Traveler.

Aleksander Doba has a plan for new expedition in the next year. This time from New York to the Azores and Europe. Route would be equally long, but the water is cooler and the greater the possibility of storms. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know whether without the kayak that would be possible.

If you want to help to save for Mr. Doba his kayak, please do not hestitate to contact directly with traveler via his official Facebook page.

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