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  1. Konkurs “Rozwój w obiektywie” - jury

    02 Oct 2015
    On October 2, launched new photo contest “Development in Lens”, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Geographic Polska. This time I will have the pleasure to sit among the jury, which consists Martyna Wojciechowska (Editor-in-chief of National Geographic Polska and the Traveler), Marcin Zaborowski (Photographer), Agnieszka Franus…

  2. Wiedeń

    17 Aug 2015
    Short break in Vienna!

  3. Rocznik dla Filharmonii Szczecińskiej

    11 Aug 2015
    Last months I spent on order for Mieczyslaw Karlowicz Philharmonic in Szczecin. As the result of this photographic journay you can see printed cover on “Yearbook” and lot of photographies inside. Let’s start 2015/2016 season with music!

  4. Lazy days

    04 Aug 2015
    #Lazy #Days #summer #family #chwarszczany #tree #sleeping #hot #friends #bw #portrait #moments #black #white #documentary #photography #light #sun #painting

  5. Pamięć Miasta 2.0 - podsumowanie

    08 Jul 2015
    Last month we had another part of the “Memory of the city” project. This time in two places - at Niedziałkowskiego 23 street (exhibition and meeting) and Kopernika (cinema). Like one year ago we had lot of fun especially with Charlie Chaplin’s film “City Light” Maybe next year we will…

  6. Pamięć Miasta 2.0

    18 Jun 2015
    Second part of “Memory of the city” will start this friday! First we are going to meet with inhabitants of old building at Niedziałkowskiego street 23 (Szczecin). They will talk about their long way to renovate the building and the guests will be able to see photos of before and after…

  7. Fotograf National Geographic Polska

    19 Apr 2015
    I’m really happy to inform that after 6 years as contributing author now I’m officialy photographer of The National Geographic Polska Magazine!  Over the years, National Geographic Polska and National Geographic Traveler supported my own projects including the media patronage in “Tibet expedition” or “Rohingyas. The unregistered”.

  8. Oficjalny profile Insta - @natgeopl

    30 Mar 2015
    “We are on Instagram!” Photographers of The National Geographic Polska Magazine start publish their work on official Instagram page@natgeopl  Every day you will find there work of NG photographers.  ”- Photographers, with whom we work, in an extraordinary way can bring out the beauty of our planet. They look at the…

  9. OLO - krótka historyjka

    04 Mar 2015
    Aleksander Doba, at 67 years old completes the longest open-water kayaking expedition across the Atlantic in history. For this, he won 2015 People’s Choice Adventurer of the Year, prestigious award of The National Geographic On the other side of this story is OLO, the 7 meter long kayak and friend…

  10. Monochrome Awards - wyróżnienia

    27 Feb 2015
    As many as three my photographies has been honorable mentioned in Monochrome Photography Awards 2014, an International Black & White Photography Contest!  The 2014 Monochrome Awards received nearly 7000 submissions from 86 countries around the world. Winning images were selected by panel of international judges, including: Ted Preuss, David Fokos,…

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