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  1. Family life

    24 May 2016
    Lazy monday in Szczecin with Helen.

  2. Spotkanie - fotograf w podróży

    22 May 2016
    Last thursday I had author’s meeting at Fotoplastikon Warszawski, amazing place under Warsaw Uprising Museum. Thank you all for coming, it was nice 2,5h hours of meeting and travelling with you from Peru to Tibet.

  3. Rohingjowie na Angkor Photofestival

    12 May 2016
    I’m really proud to announce that my story about Rohingya refugees was choosen for 12th programm of Angkor Photo Festival & Workshops in Siem Reab in Cambodia. So it looks like I’m going to Cambodia on December About the festival The longest-running photography event in Southeast Asia, the Angkor Photo…

  4. Kolektyw Reporterski!

    13 Apr 2016
    I’m glad to inform you, that I stayed associate member of the Collective Report, a group of individual reporters, who work every day in South Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. Follow us on the official page!

  5. Off season

    10 Apr 2016

  6. Berlin - World Pillow Fight Day

    02 Apr 2016

  7. Dream

    14 Mar 2016

  8. Home

    06 Mar 2016
    #home #light #trees #jungle #szczecin #light #colour

  9. Animals

    22 Feb 2016

  10. Konkurs “Rozwój w obiektywie” - jury

    02 Oct 2015
    On October 2, launched new photo contest “Development in Lens”, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Geographic Polska. This time I will have the pleasure to sit among the jury, which consists Martyna Wojciechowska (Editor-in-chief of National Geographic Polska and the Traveler), Marcin Zaborowski (Photographer), Agnieszka Franus…

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